2 thoughts on “Mind The GAP

  1. Kevin, I’d simply like to say that your final paragraph was a very succinct summary of how full-brain EEG-based neurological testing can be of benefit to marketers. It’s refreshing to read commentary from someone with a clear grasp of both the underlying neuroscience, and the field of marketing.

  2. Mr. Torres,
    I personally enjoyed the new Gap logo, especially the visible gap between the word “Gap” and the old familiar navy background. When I made this discovery after hours of studying the new logo, I became filled with a sense of accomplishment so great that I celebrated by going out and buying a bunch of Gap clothing at Goodwill (I still have found no better marketing than selling clothes for less than 3 dollars.)
    Keep up the good work! Hope Boston is treating you well!
    Much Love,
    John G


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